200 20V 2.4 bar readings

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Fri May 20 18:50:21 EDT 2005

The dash digital gauge reads 2.4 bar.  I have not done it enough times to
say what the rpm is, because the car is really accelerating and I am just
funnin'...and making the shift to third, then as it says 2.4 bar..making the
shift to fourth and I am really out of road.  I am quite sure that 2.4 is
about the top, but there is more acceleration there, and what absolute
redline might yield I am not sure.  


55 mph is a comfy 2350 rpm, and the car pulls in fifth gear like my 4.2 V8
did.  So far I have not had the car above 80, and then only on the
Interstate.  It's abundantly clear that whatever the driver wishes, just
push the little pedal down, and the car is willing.

I have a pretty full weekend, but I plan to pull investigate the ecu and see
what it says.if anything.


The car doesn't really "feel" like my '93 V8.  Rather it "feels" like my '89
Avant Quattro with a V8 under the hood.




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Does the dash digital gauge read 2.4 or does the gauge say 1.7/8 and the PT
calculation is around 2.4? 
Or are you adding 1.4 to atmosphere (1.0) to obtain the 2.4? 

Someone mentioned the TAP set up could read more than 1.8 but I've never
seen a higher than 1.8/9 reading............. 

-Scott by BOSTON 

On May 17, 2005, at 8:16 PM, Roger M. Woodbury wrote: 

> The car has 143,000 showing, and pushing 2.4 bar or more on 
> the engine might not play well with the insides...


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