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Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
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I have NO idea.  I bought the car with the previous owner's explanation that
the owner prior to him had "put in a chip".  That's it, aside from him
telling me that the car was "fast".


I first got a glimpse of this on the inaugural trip home from D.C. to Maine.
On the New York Thruway at night, I let the car out a bit, and watched the
digital readout on the trip computer pass 2.4 bar with the car still
accelerating strongly, and me losing courage with equal velocity.


Later here at home, I took the car out to the one real straight, semi-flat
stretch, and wound it out in second and almost third, and saw 2.5 bar before
I had to look back at the road.


Now that the car has been "in the clinic" for its makeover, my first try
showed 2.4 bar in second, and I am quite sure that there is more in third,
but at that point I am sailing well past eighty, and a gentle but blind
curve is coming up behind which could be approaching one of Maine's finest
possessing of NO sense of humor at all.  


The next thing that will be done is a four wheel alignment in about a week
or two once my wrench installs his new alignment rack.  Eventually, there
will be a separate boost gauge installed, I am thinking.  But not for a
while, because I know what the bill is to date.


What I have is a $4500 200 20valve, to which I have done.although I have not
seen the total list...so this is from memory:


1.	rear brakes, and control arm bushings and assorted gizzies.
2.	front struts and strut bushings
3.	timing belt and assorted pieces
4.	speed sensor on the transmission
5.	drive shaft center bearing
6.	4 Bridgestone G009 tires
7.	electrical trouble shooting, and work in the dash to correct
fluctuating speedometer etc.largely successful
8.	air conditioning compressor/dryer/receiver and recharge
9.	battery
10.	And a partridge in a pear tree.


 Total cost to date, including the tires, with mounting and balancing,
around $4200.  It was the a/c that broke the bank, and was unexpected.more
than a grand in that, but all is new.


What remains?  Well, the radio needs a connector from the Nakamichi head
unit to the antenna to get radio reception although the cd performance is
excellent.  I would really like to have a crossover installed, with bigger
rear speakers for non-directional base, but that can wait.


Sport seats.  I know where there are two grey ones that would be peachy
keen, but I think that they will wait.


I want to get the cruise control working.  Right now it is totally dead, and
I suspect that a connection is awry someplace, but will wait to get that
done, too.


And the body.  Well, from about twenty feet, it isn't bad.  But I know that
the front end is missing a lot of the little chrome gizzies that Audi
insisted on putting on with cheesy plastic mounting pads that get old and
break off.  And there are some little almost.that's ALMOST.invisible dings
dents around.  Again from twenty feet.but you know..


I can almost see myself doing a "real" exterior restoration on this car.
Expensive, I know.  I can see a "real" restoration blowing bast five or six
grand.  I know that the local guy can do a reasonable quality repaint for
around $1500 plus the cost of the miscellaneous parts that simply are not
there.  THAT is probably what will be done, but still, the idea of making
this car absolutely LIKE NEW is appealing.  Where else can I get a car with
this sort of performance and still be below, say fifteen grand total?


Oh, and Euro headlamps.I almost forgot those..





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Someone mentioned the TAP set up could read more than 1.8 but I've never
a higher than 1.8/9 reading.............

 John J's RS2 converted 200q20v reads 2.0 bar max...even when the boost
gauge gets up around 28psi. I've personally never seen a 200 read higher
than 2bar, I didn't even think the cluster processor was programmed to go

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