10P17C Great A/C Compressor Rebuild Like Brand New

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at webtv.net
Sat May 21 00:35:59 EDT 2005

I sent my A/C compressor off this week on Tuesday and got it back today. 
It is completely rebuilt with all new seals and o-rings, new wiring, new
clutch bearings  repainted,etc.
It looks brand new.
I had investigated different rebuilts and was very suspicous from
negatives I had heard.
Four Seasons is the OEM rebuild for our car and I had heard bad reports
on the quality.
There are also rebuilds on Ebay for $100.00 to $200.00 with questionable
quality as well.
There are Chinese knockoffs under the Frigid Air and Artic Air brand
names that have had very high return rates from the major suppliers.
The place I found is in Texas and rebuilds 400 compressors a week.  The
guy in charge worked for Four Seasons for 20 years and knows his stuff
very well. 
The company is
Tech Choice Parts
3051 FM 663
Midlothian,TX 76065

Call 972-723-0112 and talk to Greg.
He knows his stuff about A/C.
It cost me $10.00 to ship it to Texas via UPS ground and he charged me
$110.00 which included FED EX overnight shipping for rebuilding my
compressor like brand new.
I asked him if I should remove the manifold and he said to leave it on
as they would also put new seals on it. Any other rebuilds do not
include the manifold as they request that you leave it off when you

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