Stray vacuum line

Nick turborotary at
Sat May 21 13:19:03 EDT 2005

Does anyone have a compressor map for the k24 turbo? I'm wondering how
close it actually comes to overspinning the turbo, since I'd like to
replace the WGFV solenoid with a manual boost controller. I know I'd
lose some safeguards the ecu has, but I just can't quite stomach $800
for a chip (you can buy a standalone ecu for that much...). The only
problems I see running into is if theres an overboost limit on the
ecu, or if the fuel and timing maps on the ecu arent corrected after
1.8bar.  Hopefully someone on the list knows the answer to the first,
and I can check the second myself with a wideband 02 gauge.

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