[V8] Re: 200 20V 2.4 bar readings

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Sat May 21 20:46:23 EDT 2005

Ok, so this morning I was leaving here to go to the quarry and then to paint
in the store, so I took the back road through Lamoine.  This route includes
the “sprint zone”, or as it is named, “Pinkham’s Flat”, which is a sort of
rolling mostly straight road about ½ mile long.  


I’ve taken the Black Mariah this way before, and written about it here.
This time, however, I didn’t “hit it” in first, second, but in third I stuck
my foot into it hard, and watched the speed and digital readout climb.  The
digital readout rolled right past 2.4 and settled at 2.5 bar.  


Fourth gear was the same:  right up to 2.5 bar and stayed there until the
upcoming left hand sweeper which is blind, caused me to drop things back to
something closer to “not automatic jail time”.  

Once clear on the next straight section, I got it into fifth, and was easily
able to see 2.4 bar, but I didn’t have much time to see if it would pull to
2.5 bar in fifth.  The horizon comes quickly in fifth gear, and with that
much boost.


So it seems to be very consistent.  I do not know if the digital readout is
accurate, but everything in the dash is pretty much rock steady, except for
the occasional speedometer bounce, which is not there most of the time.
When the speedometer does bounce, the odometer pulses, but still records, so
basically everything is working.  


I filled the tank for the second time tonight on the way home.  Checking
fuel mileage by the odometer, the car took 18.2 gallons of super premium and
had covered just shy of 390 miles.  Only about twenty miles of real highway
travel, the rest rural and semi-rural two lane, with very little real, stop
and go driving.  Very traffic lights here at all.  


Tomorrow morning, I check the oil.  THAT should be entertaining!




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Someone mentioned the TAP set up could read more than 1.8 but I've never
a higher than 1.8/9 reading.............

 John J's RS2 converted 200q20v reads 2.0 bar max...even when the boost
gauge gets up around 28psi. I've personally never seen a 200 read higher
than 2bar, I didn't even think the cluster processor was programmed to go

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