Thoughts on what I should do with my 200

gary at gary at
Sun May 22 10:19:39 EDT 2005

I finally bought something more reliable / gas friendly than the daily
driving 200 (2002 WRX, a traitor, i know) so I don't know what to do with

Should I part it out, sell it on Ebay, in the paper?

It has 262,000 and has recently been burning oil like crazy.  (getting
compression and leakdown on wednesday)

Recently put on downpipe back exhaust (2 pipes x 2.5 inches)

Newer black leather seats (all heaters work)

New Radiator, bomb, power steering lines (only to bomb).  Has 16's from A4.

I only want to sell it to someone who knows what they are getting
themselves into, but maybe it's better to help out the rest with some

Still drives hard with full stock boost.

-Gary in boston

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