Don't laugh ...but when it rains it pours!!! UPDATE

Fri May 27 20:04:08 EDT 2005

Hi Guys,

Here is an update :-)
The S6 is running without leaking pentosin..Thanks to several of you...  New 
O-ring and a drag link socket solved that problem..
On the 200.. the radiator fan was not running due to a busted fuse  
link...and the ensuing aux. coolant (turbo after run pump) failure has been  solved 
with a new pump. all I need now is to get the fuel line taken care  of..
Of course I did manage to buy a new fan that I really didn't need :-( it is  
now for sale at a reasonable price if any one is interested.  I also  have a 
new turbo after run pump for sale, as a local gentleman with a 200  gave me one 
he had extra. Should any one need said parts send me an e-mail or  give me a 
call at 512 484 2324. 
Again thank you all for your help,

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