Mobil 1 High Performance 15W-50 No Longer Made - What To Use?

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Tue May 31 14:21:13 EDT 2005

I personally didn't have very good luck with the lighter weight oils
in my '91 200q20v under high stress.

I had no lifter ticking or any other issues with Mobil 1 15W50, but
the car would tick furiously at the track or autox with 10W30. Under
normal driving, no issues with either oil. Mobil 1 was my oil of
choice with the 200.

I'm using Mobil 1 10W30 in the STi without any issues, haven't tracked
the car, though.


On 5/31/05, Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> On May 31, 2005, at 9:27 AM, Steven Hauptmann wrote:
> > I have read the same thing in the manual. Remember though that with
> > synthetic oils, it's the second number that indicates the base
> > stock. Ie, a
> > 10W-30 uses a 30W as the base stock.
> The second number isn't a "base stock", it's the weight of the oil at
> operating temperature, 100 degrees C.
> Anyway, temperature ranges are extended for synthetics, so 30w
> synthetic should be fine for where 40w non-synthetic was stated.
> I've been using 10w30 for years as have been a lot of other folks I
> think, and...
> ...none of us are worse for wear.
> [ducks, runs for cover]
> Brett
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