Comfort? Seats

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Tue May 31 19:53:11 EDT 2005

I've only driven long-distance in Audis with "comfort" seats.  How do they
compare to the "sports" version.  Not the ones like the mid-1990 S-cars
with the extendable bottom cushion, just the ones with the higher bolsters.

I have a set of sports acquired some time ago because I had a torn seat
cover in a 5ktq that's no longer being used, and I never got around to
installing them in that car, but I've been thinking the driver seat might
be good for my 200q20v because the comfort seat in that car is getting a
bit tired after 230k miles of use.  

Is there a reason "comforts" are called that?

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