UFO seasoning and pad bedding

Rbade12@aol.com Rbade12 at aol.com
Fri Nov 4 16:09:43 EST 2005

I installed new UFO rotors [$166 each @ 
_http://www.gprparts.com/OEMParts/audi.asp_ (http://www.gprparts.com/OEMParts/audi.asp) ]
bought Porterfield street pads [R4-S]. I'd also purchased a set of used  
calipers and rebuilt them as far as I could and installed them. So, I've  got all 
this cool new stuff that I don't want to screw up [well, screw up the  
rotors]. Do you guys have the BTDT tips to keep me from warping these pretty new  
rotors? I've use this method before with success,   
_http://www.baer.com/Support/TechTips.aspx_ (http://www.baer.com/Support/TechTips.aspx) .  However, that 
was on conventional rotors with Porterfield pads. While kind of  involved, this 
method did bring good results, but I don't know if the UFO's are  good 
candidates for this. Any help is always very much appreciated!!

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