Opinions, please.

Kerry Griffith i2k at xmission.com
Mon Nov 7 18:39:22 EST 2005

Hope this isn't considered the wrong forum, nor seditious heresy, but . 
. .

If you had a nice 91 200q and had an opportunity to buy an equally nice 
'95 S6, what would you do?
Assume cars have same mileage, maintenance, records, etc.
Would I have to sell the 91, thus spending quite a few (to me) thou on 
a car that's only four years newer.
I suspect many would say that financially it doesn't make sense, given 
how similar the cars are. I've always liked the shape of the ur S4/S6, 
but are there any compelling reasons in the reliability, safety, or 
other practical areas?
Many thanks in advance.

Very nice '91 200q

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