Best deal on fuel pump? SuffolkD at
Mon Nov 7 20:48:51 EST 2005

Some listers say put some MMO  AMrvels Mystery Oil in the tank with gas.
Its a little bit by the way.  As a last resort?, why not?

Remember just a little bit..........
Search the archives for the amount.

Advice from one who's never tried it...........
-Scott by BOSTON

> From: 
> Any one know who has the best deal on 91 200 (avant fuel pumps), mine 
> started 
> screaming at me today, and occasionally I get a stumble under hard 
> acceleration?
> I had the original replaced when I was out of town about 90k ago (bit the 
> bullet big time at a small town shop).  Supposedly I still have the stock 
> type.
> Thanks,

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