Opinions, please.

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do you prefer apples or oranges ;-)

The cars are similar yet different and have their own idiosyncrasies....

the S car is more refined, heavier, probably safer ( two airbags) much more 
complex, but can be as or more reliable than the 200.....

The 200 can catch fire due to Bose rear speakers, the S car can catch fire 
due a known issue with the fuel hose ( that said I have had the flex line 
near the fuel filter on BOTH my 200s fail.

The S car has no distributor, but has $$$ coil packs and cam position sensor.
The 200 came with a distributor with a plastic drive gear that can break 
and should have a special narrow distributor rotor.

The 200 has annoying pot metal door lock linkages that can break.....

The 200 may have the expensive to replace but superior to the stock G60s on 
the S car brakes ( more swept area).

it really comes down to what you really want and what you can afford to spend.

How well have both cars been maintained, etc, and what are the expected 
wear items that need to be replaced in the next 12mos?


At 06:39 PM 11/7/2005, Kerry Griffith wrote:
>Hope this isn't considered the wrong forum, nor seditious heresy, but .
>. .
>If you had a nice 91 200q and had an opportunity to buy an equally nice
>'95 S6, what would you do?
>Assume cars have same mileage, maintenance, records, etc.
>Would I have to sell the 91, thus spending quite a few (to me) thou on
>a car that's only four years newer.
>I suspect many would say that financially it doesn't make sense, given
>how similar the cars are. I've always liked the shape of the ur S4/S6,
>but are there any compelling reasons in the reliability, safety, or
>other practical areas?
>Many thanks in advance.
>Very nice '91 200q
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