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Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 09:03:04 EST 2005

Comprehensive claims for the '92-97 S4/S6 for theft?
 You have to be kidding me.
 The biturbo S4 is a theft target, not the older car.
 If you're paying that much for insurance on the UrS, you need to talk to
insurance agent.

 On 11/7/05, Aaron Rosenstein <admin at donotspam.org> wrote:
> I've had all the older expensive Audis including the 5000, 200tq, V8Q
> and 94 S4, and the 200TQ was by far the better of those cars. Yes, the
> S4/S6 models have some newer engine components and sportier interiors,
> but overall I spent way more money in repairing little things in those
> cars than the 5000/200/V8 models. The early S4 and 100 series cars
> introduced a bunch of new and troublesome electronic systems like the
> 'new and more expensive to fix' climate control system, new ABS, new
> radios with cd changers.... I could go on and on.
> Oh yeah, and if you though comp insurance on the 200 was expensive,
> price compare and S6 for giggles. I paid more for the S4 than I did for
> my porsche. People tend to steal and joyride S cars with alarming
> freqency (see regular ebay auctions of trashed, but low miles S4s) but
> when was the last time you heard ofa stolen 200?
> Just my .02 cents.
> BTW I'm selling my 200Q and V8 due to a sudden move across the state and
> both are very nice.

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