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Don't apologize for your thin wallet!  M1 won't hurt much.  Stick with the
200, for at least your wallet's sake.

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> From: Kerry Griffith <i2k at xmission.com>
> Thanks to Peter and all the other respondents. I've not made up my mind
> (being a poor and indecisive teacher) so, keep those cards and letters
> coming!
> Peter, my luck isn't always this way. And even though the 200 has been
> mine since 74k, (with Mobil 1 even with the first owner- sorry,
> Bernie;-)) it still hasn't been Toyota-like. Just like everyone else,
> mine has required lots of work, which in my case has been expensive
> since Bentley has served more as a part of my library than a guide for
> me to do my own work. However, it's in pretty durn nice shape as a
> result. If the S car has been maintained with the same vigor, it will
> be desirable. Haven't looked at it yet. I've seen it around town for a
> while, even to the point of not being surprised when the owner gave the
> address, since I''d seen one there three years ago. Like most of us, I
> tend to notice these things that civilians would never pay attention
> to. My impression without driving or looking closely is that they've
> been willing to spend what it took at the dealer to take good care of
> it, but I don't have the sense it's been much more than a car to them.
> So we'll see what kind of a job the dealer did. My hope of course is
> that the condition is about the same as it would be if one of us nuts
> had owned it. If not, I'll have an easy decision. Pity I've spent so
> much keeping everything right on my car,
> Should mine become a parts care for the engine, someone will be quite
> happy. The engine very much likes having been in the hands of fanatics
> since new. It has yet to use any oil between changes. Actually, I take
> that back- when it was brand new the first owner kept careful records
> of the oil consumption- from his records and notes I strongly suspect
> he was concerned that the rings might not seat. But once they did, they
> have stayed at remarkable tolerances.
> All the more reason why this S will need to be very tight- Edmunds.com
> puts my car at $2800, and the S at $7700- which is less than the owner
> is asking.
> Best,
> Kerry
> BTW, I drove my neighbor's '03 6 speed 2.7 A6 yesterday, and if I had a
> real job I must admit I'd leave the fold entirely for one of those.
> Shows my loyalty to the I-5. Sorry, but as with this potential purchase
> I've believed in the "buy the newest Porsche you can afford" approach.
> To me the same applies here. Would love to try it out on Porsches, but
> see above about a real job ;-)
> On Monday, November 7, 2005, at 08:37 PM, Peter Schulz wrote:
>> I just want your connections ;-)
>> 200 since 74k miles, one owner scar,,,,geeze   ;-)
>> If you are happy with the Scar, go for it....
>> It seems that the 200s are going the way of the dinosaur and becoming
>> parts cars for their engines (sniff)
>> -Peter
>> At 10:24 PM 11/7/2005, Kerry Griffith wrote:
>>> Thanks Peter,
>>> My car has been pretty fanatically maintained since I bought it at
>>> 74k miles; previous to that it was under warranty and maintained >> well.
>>> The S6 is one owner, with all dealer service records at the local
>>> dealer, and an invitation to call the service manager who has handled
>>> the car.
>>> I'd expect the S6 to need the same or fewer parts to be replaced in
>>> the the next 12 months.
>>> Does this change the equation as far as you're concerned?
>>> Best,
>>> Kerry
>>> On Monday, November 7, 2005, at 08:10 PM, Peter Schulz wrote:
>>>> Kerry:
>>>> do you prefer apples or oranges ;-)
>>>> The cars are similar yet different and have their own
>>>> idiosyncrasies....
>>>> the S car is more refined, heavier, probably safer ( two airbags)
>>>> much more complex, but can be as or more reliable than the 200.....
>>>> The 200 can catch fire due to Bose rear speakers, the S car can
>>>> catch fire due a known issue with the fuel hose ( that said I have
>>>> had the flex line near the fuel filter on BOTH my 200s fail.
>>>> The S car has no distributor, but has $$$ coil packs and cam
>>>> position sensor.
>>>> The 200 came with a distributor with a plastic drive gear that can
>>>> break and should have a special narrow distributor rotor.
>>>> The 200 has annoying pot metal door lock linkages that can break.....
>>>> The 200 may have the expensive to replace but superior to the stock
>>>> G60s on the S car brakes ( more swept area).
>>>> it really comes down to what you really want and what you can afford
>>>> to spend.
>>>> How well have both cars been maintained, etc, and what are the
>>>> expected wear items that need to be replaced in the next 12mos?
>>>> -Peter
>>>> At 06:39 PM 11/7/2005, Kerry Griffith wrote:
>>>>> Hope this isn't considered the wrong forum, nor seditious heresy,
>>>>> but .
>>>>> . .
>>>>> If you had a nice 91 200q and had an opportunity to buy an equally
>>>>> nice
>>>>> '95 S6, what would you do?
>>>>> Assume cars have same mileage, maintenance, records, etc.
>>>>> Would I have to sell the 91, thus spending quite a few (to me) thou
>>>>> on
>>>>> a car that's only four years newer.
>>>>> I suspect many would say that financially it doesn't make sense,
>>>>> given
>>>>> how similar the cars are. I've always liked the shape of the ur
>>>>> S4/S6,
>>>>> but are there any compelling reasons in the reliability, safety, or
>>>>> other practical areas?
>>>>> Many thanks in advance.
>>>>> Kerry
>>>>> Very nice '91 200q
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