UFO seasoning and pad bedding

Dikeman Brett brett at cloud9.net
Fri Nov 11 03:24:59 EST 2005

On Nov 4, 2005, at 4:09 PM, Rbade12 at aol.com wrote:

> I installed new UFO rotors [$166 each @
> _http://www.gprparts.com/OEMParts/audi.asp_ (http:// 
> www.gprparts.com/OEMParts/audi.asp) ]
> bought Porterfield street pads [R4-S]. I'd also purchased a set of  
> used
> calipers and rebuilt them as far as I could and installed them. So,  
> I've  got all
> this cool new stuff that I don't want to screw up [well, screw up the
> rotors]. Do you guys have the BTDT tips to keep me from warping  
> these pretty new
> rotors? I've use this method before with success,
> _http://www.baer.com/Support/TechTips.aspx_ (http://www.baer.com/ 
> Support/TechTips.aspx) .  However, that
> was on conventional rotors with Porterfield pads. While kind of   
> involved, this
> method did bring good results, but I don't know if the UFO's are  good
> candidates for this. Any help is always very much appreciated!!

FYI- be prepared for some extra work getting them to fit if the pads  
aren't beveled, like my R4's came.  I spent my first rungroup at  
Tremblant beveling the pads with a file because they were too thick.   
I even had to take the calipers off the strut to get them to fit.

  I don't recommend R4's for the street at all- they squeal quite a  
bit, "grind"/grab when pressed hard at slow speed, and of course  
being a track pad they like heat, so they grab quite a bit more as  
they get up to temperature (which doesn't take much to get used to,  
it's just "another thing to think about.")

Aside from cleaning all the gum off the rotors with brake cleaner and  
a cloth- clean them up as best you can after installation or handle  
them with clean hands and/or as little as possible to keep grease off  
them.  Then, bed the pads and keep the car moving until the brakes  
have cooled, which can take a while...

Make sure both brake ducts under the car are in good shape.  You may  
have to use a heatgun to soften up the openings to get them square  
again- they tend to curl and close up.


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