Flexible brake lines

Dikeman Brett brett at cloud9.net
Fri Nov 11 03:35:19 EST 2005

On Oct 30, 2005, at 12:47 AM, Aaron Rosenstein wrote:

> On our 200tq and V8q we had all the lines replaced at 100k, but we had
> them custom made at a hose shop that specializes in hydraulic lines  
> for
> aircraft and forklifts.

I did this with the brake booster line, thinking I'd save some  
money.  The line lasted exactly 3 hours of driving before  
hemorrhaging fluid in what was actually a miniature geyser.  If you  
think I'd do that with a caliper brake line, you're f'ing crazy.   
Sorry.  For critical safety components for the car, I don't screw  
around.  If a front line bursts, the pedal will go to the floor  
instantly and you will have -zero- stopping ability.

Get the front lines from someone like Clair Parts Express, and the  
rear lines from a Worldpac reseller- that's the cheapest "legit"  
option I could find.


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