flexible brake lines

Dikeman Brett brett at cloud9.net
Fri Nov 11 03:46:51 EST 2005

On Oct 29, 2005, at 8:02 PM, Bernie Benz wrote:

>> From: melvin guyer <melguy1 at yahoo.com>
>> I have a '91 Audi200q20v, 68k miles. The flexible
>> brake line sections to all the wheels have frayed and
>> torn rubber coverings.  What would be the expected
>> amount of time it would take to remove and replace
>> these lines and bleed the brake system?
> 68K!  Where have you been storing this 13 year old car?
> The rubber outside cover only offers abrasion protection for the  
> braided
> reinforcing cord covering the inner fluid conduit.  As such, age  
> cracking of
> this outer cover is a non issue, IMO.

Any visual indication of deterioration of the hose, you REPLACE  
immediately- unless you know the age of the lines, assume they are  
all the same age and replace them ALL.  Deterioration means any sign  
of damage or aging.  This is something you only need to do maybe once  
or twice as long as you own the car.  Putting it off is insane,  
especially given it should cost about $200-250 for the parts ($75/ 
side for the UFOs, $30-40/side for the rears, I think?  Top?  Front  
lines for UFO cars are cheapest from Clair Parts Express or similar-  
the rear lines are MUCH cheaper from Worldpac dealers than from any  
dealer channel as the same line fits lots of cars.)

   Let's say the line is cracked when you look at it.  How do you  
know when it is going to start bulging?  When it will then fail?   
Answer: you don't.

$250 most-likely-one-time-expense...versus..."your life"?

Bernie, unless you stop giving patently dangerous advice...for the  
safety of listers, and to protect Audifans as well- I will remove you  
from the list.  The above advice is some of the most dangerous I've  
ever read in the decade I've been on Audifans.


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