flexible brake lines

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Fri Nov 11 13:15:13 EST 2005


The proof pressure test that I have facetiously proposed to Mother Brett is
easily accomplished as a DIY PM procedure as follows:

First, monitor your brake fluid level in the reservoir.  It should drop only
in proportion to the pad wear rate, nil over the short term.  I write the
fluid change date on the reservoir and mark the starting level.

The proof pressure test is easily accomplished as often as you wish by
holding maximum peddle pressure for a minute with the power boost active
(engine running).

Recheck your brake fluid level, often.

Fix all fluid leaks, Brett, and you won't blow another tranny for running it
dry.  PM means different things to different folks!


> From: Dikeman Brett <brett at cloud9.net>
> Bernie, unless you stop giving patently dangerous advice...for the
> safety of listers, and to protect Audifans as well- I will remove you
> from the list.  The above advice is some of the most dangerous I've
> ever read in the decade I've been on Audifans.
> Brett
Mother Brett,
I have never couched my postings as "advice" nor has anyone else done so on
this list, excepting your postings (above) appearing as "directives".  This
is a list of opinion postings among adults, from which the adult can form
his individual course of action.

>From your perspective, your short sighted directive, that any brake hose
that exhibits any superficial surface crack demands the immediate
replacement of all brake hoses, IMO is a superficial and an unsafe demand on
your part.  Your demand should be that of a routine proof pressure test of
each brake line, rigid as well as flexible.  Your demand, so you (oh,
Bentley's god) set the test interval and proof pressure for this required PM


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