Flexible brake lines

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 11 19:49:25 EST 2005

HHHmmm,  If you knew the scrutiny that A&P aviation parts and parts 
manufacturers go through, I don't anyone would be "f'ing" crazy to use them 
for auto applications which are generally a down grade in quality.  While 
the loss of a hard brake line would probably be a serious Maalox moment,last 
time I checked the hand brake lever was connnected to 2 fully functioning 
calipers by mechanical, not hydraulic means and should provide some what 
more than "-zero- stopping ability"
PS, you still working on Bose speakers?

From: Dikeman Brett <brett at cloud9.net>
Subject: Re: Flexible brake lines
To: Aaron Rosenstein <admin at donotspam.org>

>On our 200tq and V8q we had all the lines replaced at 100k, but we had
>them custom made at a hose shop that specializes in hydraulic lines  for > 
>aircraft and forklifts.

If you think I'd do that with a caliper brake line, you're f'ing crazy.
Sorry.  For critical safety components for the car, I don't screw
around.  If a front line bursts, the pedal will go to the floor
instantly and you will have -zero- stopping ability.


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