Currious fule pump saga PeterBergin at
Sun Nov 13 19:19:58 EST 2005

Hi guys, figured I would share this for those who can relate.  5 years ago 
when I bought my Avant with 65k on it, the fuel pump failed at night about 50 
miles from my home.  Had the car toed to what was supposedly a reputable 
European car shop and paid around $500 for a fuel pump (can't remember if that 
included the 10 mile tow).  I was told that it was replaced with the OEM type.

Last week (car now has 197k) the pump got really noisy all at once.  So I did 
the usual research and priced the usual venders and bought from the one I 
have used the most through 10 years of old Audi's.  Got what I was told was an 
exact replacement and would not need the special tool etc.  Paid $135+ over 
night freight.

When I pulled my old pump, and to my suprise/dismay found it not to be 
secured in the retaining basket, just bouncing around loose in the basket.  Upon 
further examination I discovered that the plastic strainer basket was not their 
and one of the rubber vibration dampers had been removed from the pump assembly 
and was used to keep the pump body off the bottom of the tank. I assume the 
tech who worked on my car broke the basket and jury rigged it figuring I would 
never know.  Next my new pump was the smaller new one with no adapters or 
lines. It obviously would not fit and is getting returned tomorrow with a strong 
B**CH to tech whom did not know what he was talking about.

I installed the old pump after putting the vibration dampener back in place 
and using a piece of fuel line to keep the pump from sliding down and hitting 
the bottom of the tank.  Had a hell of a time getting the retaining bracket to 
snap shut without the tool. Ended up fashioning a piece of bent steel and got 

Now the car runs fine and the pump is silent.

Think I should leave it?  I am missing the bottom part of the basket which I 
presume had a filter in it, however the bottom of the pump is also a fine 
filter and my tank was very clean, and sediment free.

That sums up 5 hours of working outdoors in the rain.

What a PITA
91 Avant

PS Thinking about an All Road for my next Audi with the twin turbo V-6, any 
one know how good of a car these are?

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