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Jim Fleischer jim at
Mon Nov 14 12:27:54 EST 2005

My '91 20V Avant is an interim replacement for my allroad that was totalled in an accident last winter.  I wil say, as much as I enjoy the 20V Avant, once the settlement is reached, I will probably get another allroad.  Mine was a six-speed 2001, it was reliable for the time I had it, and extremely versatile.  Took it off-roading (to a point) and it was very stable at high speeds (like the '91).  All the creature comforts of the '91 and then some (I'm starting to miss the heated steering wheel here in Colorado lately) That being said, it had only 75K on it, and I have no idea what kind of maintenance would be rquired once it hits 100-150K.  I have heard about turbos blowing, and there are two of them, and the motor supposedly needs to come out to replace them.  Any other info, head over to audiworld forums under allroad.....there's a bunch of allroad nuts out there like us with our 20V's.  HTH

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