flexible brake lines

Ben Gibby jordad at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 15 21:10:56 EST 2005

  First let me say that yes, I am a lurker. That is because this list has, 
for the most part, become irrelevant to my ownership of an Audi. I am tired 
of hearing how expensive they are to maintain and keep running. We own a '91 
model European sports sedan, they aint cheap so get over it or get a Chebby.
To the second part, I work with hydraulic systems and can say that proof 
testing is not an indicator of hose health, hoses are a dynamic part, always 
moving and changing internal pressures. A hose that has cracks is more 
likely to rupture simply by moving than one in good condition.
Third, you say that Tim is simply attacking you after establishing his bona 
fides yet you attack him as a govt. flunky before giving the "fact" about 
pressure proof testing. A persons job does not automatically disqualify him 
from having a valid point. I too am a govt. flunky and feel that I have a 
concentrated experience having 300 vehicles to work on. I get way more work 
on alot more systems than a dealer tech so I feel that I can comment from 
experience that alot of people do not have.

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