Flasher Relay location

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Sat Nov 19 07:01:01 EST 2005

One symptom requiring the repair in the link is both flashers lighting up
at once in the dash:http://www.lanikamal.com/audi/dashboard.html

At 04:31 PM 11/18/2005 -0700, andy wrote:
>I posted a question a week or so ago about the flasher relay my Bentley 
>shows being located behind the Instrument Cluster. I did not get any 
>response. I was able to remove the IC and now am unable to locate the relay. 
>Is the relay plugged into the IC? or is it buried behind the IC where I 
>can't easily see it? I am obviously a newbie and appreciate any help.
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