Shock absorber bleeding to death as I write, so sad!

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sun Nov 20 01:04:17 EST 2005


As a point of interest, what is the mileage and brand of your failed strut
insert?  OE?  Apparently, Audi shock insert rod seal failure is infrequent
but they do all degrade because of internal wear and leakage to a point of
rendering the stock suspension underdamped in 60 to 80K miles.  Adjustable
Konis wear faster but this wear can be compensated for, if one is willing to
remove and readjust.  But few do so, or know or care.

The list consensus will be Blistiens but, IMO they are highly overdamped for
use on a stock suspension and probably are also for use with any road worthy
higher rate spring.  I'm using second hand Konis but am not recommending
them, inasmuch as they are no longer rebuildable, BTDT.  Boge may be the
best for stock spring rates.

If you've rebuilt MacPherson struts before, this task will be a piece of
cake.  If you intend to pull the struts (I wouldn't do it from the top),
consider relubing the wheel bearings and disassembling and relubing the toe
adjustments (While you're in there PM).   I run boots on the latter to
prevent freeze up of the adjustment.



> From: Rbade12 at
> My left front shock absorber on my 91 200q20v has given it's life for my
> riding comfort and safety. A moment of silence. Thank you! Of note is the
> fact 
> that I just returned from a 2000 mile trip. It would have SUCKED to have  this
> failure in the middle of bumf... South Dakota. Can hear it now at the local
> mechanic, " That one of them Kraut cars boy?, ain't never seen one of them
> before?" 
> So, the obvious list of questions arise.
> I will replace shocks, springs, bellows, etc., basically anything with  a
> limited life related to this part of the car. I'm asking you guys  what brand
> of 
> items I should purchase. I wouldn't mind lowering a bit with  springs that do
> so. I wouldn't mind tightening the ride a bit. Are there special  tools I'll
> be neeeding [I've done shocks on MacPherson struts before and have  spring
> compressors...good ones...and I'll be really careful while I use  them]?
> The last major job I did, the timing belt, I was led to the mother lode of
> help at Quattro123 .com by the Avant Boys. Does anything comparable exist for
> this job?
> As always, your help is very much appreciated!
> Bob
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