Door lock and alarm

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> Subject: Door lock and alarm
> Not much on this system in the Bentley books, I was having the same
> problem too but since I had an aftermarket keyless entry system
> installed the alarm has not worked unless I use my key to lock the car.
Obviously, Your RKE installer had no clue what he was doing.  If done right
and integrated into the Audi alarm system, it is transparent and works
flawlessly.  Arms length trouble shooting is pointless unless you are
intimately familar with the installation.  Take it back to your installer!

> Any ideas why that is? I agree with the prior post about the wires in
> the driver's door. Our Saab did the same thing on and off for years,
> including some other odd things related to the windows, leading us to
> check the wiring harness. That was indeed the problem, though not an
> easy to repair one...
> Off subject, after exhausting all options and replacing everything I
> could find, my pictogram display in the instrument cluster finally went
> completely haywire and showed nearly every error code in the book. I
> simply removed the bulbs for the red and yellow from the back of the
> cluster and put some tape over the beeper and I don't have to deal with
> it anymore.
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