re. Door lock and Alarm

Ben Swann benswann at
Tue Nov 29 11:19:25 EST 2005

The lock switch has failed - probably in the locked condition.  You'll be 
constrained to using the passenger door to lock and unlock the car until you 
have the switch R/R - IMO&E a PITA job.  You might just want to disable the 
driver door lock by disconnecting the switch - connector inside the door and 
at panel needs to be removed, but a lot easier than removing the door handle 
mechanism and replacing the switch.


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I have 91 200tq. It's cold in Colorado today, 25 degrees this am. I unlocked
my driver's door today and got into the car, shut the door and then the
alarm started going off, right after I shut the door. I put the key in the
ignition, alarm still on, so I got out locked the door then unlocked it
again. The alarm turned off. It did this again, same results later in the
morning. I am guessing that the door lock sensor or something similar is
failing. Has anybody experienced this? If so what do I need to do so the
really bad trombone playing alarm does keep coming on?
Grant in Colorado Springs]

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