Valve seal question

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Tue Nov 29 15:14:38 EST 2005

Yes, valve stem seals can be replaced without removing the head, and valve
stem clearance in the guide can be measured at the same time.


> From: "Feelstranger" <feelstranger at>
> Hello all,
> I have not been subscribed to this list for a while (year?), so I hope this
> is not an anoying question.  I looked at the archives and tried to search
> them to no avail.  I am getting significant oil consumption.   I have seen
> the small puffs of smoke at shifts while tailing my SO.  I gather this is
> typical of valve seals, correct?
> I was going to have a shop do them, but they said it was a waste and that
> the exhaust guides should be done too.  Car is at 163K.  So, is this likley
> true?  Can valve guide wear be tested without head removal?
> How hard is a valve seal job only on a 20V?  I assume it can be done with
> head in car?
> Thanks!
> Nat

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