Recommendations for new +ve Battery Terminal Clamp

Tony Hoffman auditony at
Sun Oct 2 16:10:54 EDT 2005

I usually replace the whole cable with one from the parts house. You can get
one with the crimps in place to use for the one or two smaller wires that
come to the +Battery post. Just measure and go down to get it. I also like
to make sure to heat shrink the new crimps, so as to keep water out of there
in the future.
 Tony Hoffman

 On 10/2/05, The Corbs <c.corbishley at> wrote:
> The +ve clamp on my '85 Urq has cracked and collapsed.
> Best alternatives to replace it and best methods for an effective crimp?
> Just a local parts store generic or is there a better way?
> Thanks
> John Corbs
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