[V8] OT -- but not really Garage Floor epoxy recommendations

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Wed Oct 5 13:04:11 EDT 2005

I am not a contractor, but my job requires me to know construction products
and how to use them.  CTI is one product I am familiar with.  We use it in
our commercial buildings.  You can color it any color you want and, I think
you can texture it too.  http://www.cti-corp.com

There is also another company who's products we use.  http://www.marbri.net

We have never used an epoxy of theirs, but the concrete sealer, Super
Diamond Clear is great stuff.  I have used it at my home too.

Anyway, I would love to coat my garage floor, but I can never seem to keep
my cars running long enough to get them out of the garage!  From that
aspect, it sucks to drive old Audis.



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Eastern WA State

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PARTING:  1986 Audi 4000 CS quattro

> I used the Rustoleum product, a two part epoxy, you can find at local
> big box home centers.  I spent approximately 12 hours cleaning and
> etching the floor with acid, and rinsing and rinsing and rinsing and
> scrubbing and rinsing and rinsing, you get the idea?   I do have a three
> car garage so I had a lot of floor, however the concrete was only 3
> years old and not very dirty. I did this all when we moved in, before we
> filled the garage with stuff.  With this product you could not park a
> car on it for 7 days.
>  I still had hot tire pick up in a few spots, meaning when you park a
> vehicle with hot tires on the floor, when you move the car next time, it
> peels up the paint.  I complained to Rustoleum, after much complaining
> they finally sent me a repair kit.  For the cost, the product is OK,
> however next time I will try a different product.  The others I have
> researched will cost 3 or 4 times more than the rustoleum product.
> Rustoleum runs about $50 gallon, a gallon will cover a single car area.
> I used three gallons to do my floor.
> I have spilled copious amounts of oil, hydraulic oil(I do own a V8 you
> know!), and other substances and can report they all clean up nicely.
> Neighbors think I'm nuts, out in the garage with my mop and ringer
> bucket cleaning the floor, my garage is definitely the nicest in the
> subdivision. Of course the multiple 8 ft floresant light fixtures that
> provide a middle of the day Sun effect, the perfect condition 1960's
> coke machine filled with a variety of  beer, (only $.25 a bottle, oh and
> all the quarters you need are in the coin return, stop by anytime, I'll
> buy you a beer), the nice stereo and dish satellite system with Sirrus
> radio, and nice work bench and cabinets and roll around tool boxes,  may
> also influence their opinions.  :-)
>  I have had 4 other people do their garages with this product after
> seeing my floor.  Not sure on their results.

> http://www.griotsgarage.com/catalog.jsp?&SKU=90011 is what I am about to
> use
> in my garage. The big thing is to make sure you clean the floor
> properly,
> and get all of the oil stains removed with an acid wash before you paint
> the
> floor, or the stains will show through.
> ~Eric
> On 10/4/05, Ingo Rautenberg <i.rautenberg at waratap.com> wrote:
>> OK, with all the work I've been performing on the 200/V8 and Urq
> lately,
>> it's really getting to be time that I get rid of what's left of that
> 15
>> year-old garage paint, filling up all the cracks and holes, treat the
> oil
>> stains and finally Epoxy the floor. It's roughly ~450 sq ft. Any
> pointers or
>> BTDT / Don't do this advice? Preferred brands? Don't want it too slick
> when
>> it gets wet.
>> Who better to ask than those who have to work on their cars ;-)

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