PETER CATALANO kruzio2003 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 5 17:09:57 EDT 2005

1990 200TQ  5 spd/Wagon owned  new off lot, now with 172K. Fast education in ignition switch failure, yes the tab came out with the tumbler."errr". I have a used ignition from DADS and a new Elec Switch. The old unit and 1/2 of the tab seems to be pot metal, the one inside the one dads sent me seems to be yellow metal perhaps stronger?
 I do not own a bentley, what is the procedure to make enough room to replace the key assembly and replace the key tumber from the old unit into the new used one.. I have read much on this site about having to removed/slide to column and various drilling requirements.
The used one from DADS seem to have been drilled once and it has a slighlty differant black sleeve. same p/n on the housings/ i was able to remove the red covered slot screws from under the dash when I was hoping to replace the e switch alone.
As I said I have had this car from new and although a host of problems over the years ( the drivers seat heater hasn't worked for at least 8 years) It has been a dream, I pass most v8's with ease going into the mtns at 7000ft when the turbo is wound up. not to mention at 50/60 mph in the snow. anyway what ever advice you can offer would be great.
I may want to sell this car soon as well, my other car  a 90 A8Q and a 76 2002 still a clean runner.

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