Best trans oil choice

Brett Dikeman brett at
Mon Oct 17 12:06:26 EDT 2005

On Mon, October 17, 2005 11:09 am, Bernie Benz wrote:
> Eric, Brett,
> Brass compatibility IS NOT the principle reason for not using GL-5 in a
> syncromesh transmission.

Did you read my message at all?  This is also a subject I've posted about
several times before.

Most initial GL5 fluids met the GL5 standard by using additives that were
completely incompatible with brass and copper.  This would result in the
near total destruction of said syncros in a VW/Audi transmission.

Nowadays a number of GL5 fluids no longer use such additives, and are safe
to use in a VW/Audi transmission.  However, you have to double/triple
check with the fluid manufacturer to make sure.


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