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Further comment below.

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> On Mon, October 17, 2005 11:09 am, Bernie Benz wrote:
>> Eric, Brett,
>> Brass compatibility IS NOT the principle reason for not using GL-5 in a
>> syncromesh transmission.
> Did you read my message at all?  This is also a subject I've posted about
> several times before.
And I've always questioned.
> Most initial GL5 fluids met the GL5 standard by using additives that were
> completely incompatible with brass and copper.  This would result in the
> near total destruction of said syncros in a VW/Audi transmission.
Your operative words here are "Most initial" and "were"! Sounds like you're
living in the past.  Syncros can be designed to work with the EP GL-5 but
most aren't because they aren't running Hypoid gears in the same case.  In
all my tranny overhauls I've never seen a brass syncro even tarnished by
> Nowadays a number of GL5 fluids no longer use such additives, and are safe
> to use in a VW/Audi transmission.  However, you have to double/triple
> check with the fluid manufacturer to make sure.
Why would you want to degrade you trany's shifting ability by using GL-5?

> Brett

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