low power

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Oct 18 13:09:24 EDT 2005

My motor seems down on power.  Running RS2 turbo, RS2 EM, proper software and I should be getting close to 21 PSI boost and it should pull like a feight train in these cooler temps (well cooler than 95 we had all summer - now that were in the low 70s).  On the highway recently I could only get about 16 psi on a long pull in 4th.  Also no vacuum leaks - just pressure tested.  

Can the WGFV get weak and let the WG creep open?  I did swap one in from a '95 S6 and it seems a little better - but frankly I'm not sure if that was because the outside temps were a little cooler...maybe 10F?
Did apply 12v and it clicked...

What about the BPV - could this be letting boost blow by?

TIA for any good input



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