low power

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Oct 19 12:12:45 EDT 2005

>anyway....any other thoughts feel free to let me know - thanks Phil
>Ohh here's a thought - I'll post this to the List too.  Does the ecu 
>limit boost if intake temps are higher than what it wants to see - 
>or just pull back timing?

I'm not sure about what action  the ecu takes because of high IM temp 
(SJM's web site explains that, though), but your question got me 
thinking about that notorious boost-killer, the defective MFTS. The 
latter-day crop of 3-pin sensors can be insidious when they fail 
because that often does not affect the temp-gauge reading. Have you 
disconnected your MFTS to check if there's any gain in boost? A good 
MFTS, when disconnected, does not reduce the boost, but disconnecting 
a bad MFTS will generally restore lost boost.


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