WGFV differences

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Oct 21 18:16:36 EDT 2005

As I've been trouble-shooting a low boost issue with my car , one thing I've messed with is the WGFV.  About a year or so ago european car did a N75 valve (WGFV) comparison test where they dyno'd a car using different WGFVs - 3B, AAN, 1.8T, etc etc.  Apparently there is debate on other forums (I don't know) about performance differences of, and caused by, the different iterations of the WGFV.  So I swapped in a known good from an AAN - it is not a direct fit - the three pipes are oriented (orientated!? - ha ha love that one - just like irregardless...anyway)  the same - however the the two pin connector points in the opposite direction so the wire has to stretch a little.  Anyway the car did _seem_ to pull a little better but was just curious if anybody else has messed with this....along those same lines back when I first got my car ('84 urq w/ 3B) back on the road after the motor swap I had low boost and swapped in a WGFV from a 1.8T - and in fact it allowed less boost than the 3B part.  Lastly- the guys at european car found the AAN WGFV to perform the best on the dyno - very minor differences but I figured I'd throw this out there and see what people had to say....

'84 urq 20V
'98 A4 

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