Car runs too cool/intermittant autocheck annoyances

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Sat Oct 22 17:22:03 EDT 2005

Did you try filling up the cooling system tank a bit more.
Some of the sensors can be a bit sensitive ( mine is).
I had a oil pressure sensor give strange warnings and replaced it to 
cure the random
warnings. It was the pressure sender below the MFTS.
Chuck Pierce
91 200tq 20v Avant

Aaron Rosenstein wrote:

>After a 5 year break from Audis, I got the bug again and picked up a
>nice 91 200tq from a local seller. The car is in amazing shape overall,
>and has less miles than my last one, but still ahas a couple quirks.
>I'm concerned that the engine seems to runn so cool. Unless I'm driving
>around town slowly, the temp needle never get off the bottom three
>lines, and my last car always ran just under half even on teh freeway.
>At the same time, I get the annoying intermittant overheat/water symbol
>on the autocheck box, and alternatively an oil and brack pad warning at
>odd times. I don't know if either of the three are related, but they are
>all false signals as the gauges (presumably) don't lie, and I have good
>oil pressure and am not overheating.  Has anyone ever found a way to
>unplug the autcheck systems without losing the radio display ability?
>Aaron Rosenstein
>91 200TQ
>Anacortes, WA
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