Dealing with Instrument Fluster

Charles Baer charlie at
Sat Oct 22 23:18:06 EDT 2005

Mine resisted coming out mere months after removing it with no problem.

Turns out a wire bundle was sitting on top of the cluster and stopping
me from lifting it high enough to clear the bottom edge.  I could see the
wires using a flashlight shining into the gap, and see where to jam a ruler
to push the wires out of the way.


Phil Rose wrote:

>I'm utterly stymied in my efforts to remove an 
>instrument cluster--it just won't come out. I had 
>been successful in getting it out once before (5 
>or 6 years ago). But now, great effort gets the 
>IC  out only about 2 inches on the right side 
>and about an inch on the left --but applying any 
>more force will likely mean broken bits of 
>plastic! On the lefthand side it acts as though 
>it's hanging up on something to the rear (not 
>along the top or bottom). The only place there's 
>any hard contact of the padded dash against the 
>top of the IC against is on the extreme righthand 
>(passenger) "corner", but pushing up on the dash 
>doesn't seem to help.
>I wonder--if like hardened arteries--the padded 
>dashes of these 15 year-old cars have hardened to 
>the extent that can no longer "yield" enough to 
>allow the IC to pass. BTW, my this Audi (the lago 
>blue) will have a gebortstag (fünfzehn jahre alt) 
>next month. Send a card if you'd like, but no 
>presents, please. ;-)
>I know someone's gonna suggest that it's easier 
>to pull the IC when the steering wheel is 
>removed, but I don't see the wheel as being a 
>problem at this stage.

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