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I have 2 200Q20V's and both do the same thing with the cooling guage - 
rarely goes out of the cool range - hardly can tell it moves from the 
bottommost postition, but it does.  I believe I have seen the guage creep 
toward the middle on some exceptionally hot driving conditions, but rarely 
any significant deviation from the cold reading.  I don't know if this is 
normal, a normal "failure", or perhaps something to do with the way they are 

The brake warning can be aggravating and sometimes hard to resolve.  If the 
wiring is good to the brake pad sensors and pads are new with good sensor 
connection, I have found the ultimate resolution is to ground the wires 
coming out of the autocheck control unit - located just above the glove 
compartment.  Refer to the Bently wiring diagram to get the proper wires. 
Only ground out the sensor wires otherwise you will disable the entire 
autocheck system.

The Temp warning indicator can be caused by several sensors, so consult the 
diagram to find what is doing this.  Most commonly, a slightly low level in 
the overflow reservior will cause the light to go on, often going up a hill 
( or down - I forget).

Regualar Q-list in copy as these tend to apply to earlier 200 models as 
well. as others.


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After a 5 year break from Audis, I got the bug again and picked up anice 91 
200tq from a local seller. The car is in amazing shape overall,and has less 
miles than my last one, but still ahas a couple quirks.

I'm concerned that the engine seems to runn so cool. Unless I'm driving 
around town slowly, the temp needle never get off the bottom three lines, 
and my last car always ran just under half even on teh freeway.

At the same time, I get the annoying intermittant overheat/water symbol on 
the autocheck box, and alternatively an oil and brack pad warning at odd 
times. I don't know if either of the three are related, but they are all 
false signals as the gauges (presumably) don't lie, and I have good oil 
pressure and am not overheating.  Has anyone ever found a way to unplug the 
autcheck systems without losing the radio display ability?


Aaron Rosenstein
91 200TQ
Anacortes, WA] 

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