re. Car runs too cool/intermittant autocheck annoyances

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Sun Oct 23 12:35:23 EDT 2005

The reason why I recommended doing this at the computer is that somettimes I 
have gone through the aggravation of shorting the wire at the sensors on 
both sides, yet still have the light go on.  The only resolution was to do 
this at the computer and bypass the very sensitive low voltage wiring.

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>> Aaron,
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>> The brake warning can be aggravating and sometimes hard to resolve.  If 
>> the
>> wiring is good to the brake pad sensors and pads are new with good sensor
>> connection, I have found the ultimate resolution is to ground the wires
>> coming out of the autocheck control unit - located just above the glove
>> compartment.  Refer to the Bently wiring diagram to get the proper wires.
>> Only ground out the sensor wires otherwise you will disable the entire
>> autocheck system.
>> Ben
> A better solution IMO is to short out the active pad wear sensors at the 
> pad
> connector by cutting and connecting the wires on the pad side of the
> connectors.  The passive pad wear sensors are much better than is the 
> active
> system anyway.
> Bernie

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