Car runs too cool/intermittant autocheck annoyances

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Mon Oct 24 15:06:07 EDT 2005

I haven't followed this thread from top to bottom, so maybe this was 
dicussed somewhere else, but if you're temperature is registering low, it 
may be a function of the multi-function going bad and not necesarily the 
engine being too cold.

Just throwing that out there.

derek p

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Phil:  I'd go one further on the cool running (temp) of the 200 20V.
My 200 20V runs ultra cool.
Only when stopped in traffic will the temp get into the normal operating
I suspect the thermostat is partially open all the time.
this (theoretically) gets me:
Lower gas mileage.
Low boost on occasion like the MFTS symptom. 1.3 / 1.4 bar
Luke warm heat in the winter.

I would guess it would lead to engine life longjevidy (sp?) hence the reason
why I haven't changed mine.

Flase alarms on the IC could be solder breaks in the cluster
-Scott by BOSTON

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