climate control lights wierdness

andy trifox13 at
Mon Oct 24 16:51:46 EDT 2005

I just had a shop replace the ignition switch and the starter when I pulled a bonehead move and fried the starter due to the return spring mechanism failing on the ignition switch. I can't believe I didn't notice or hear it. The tell-tale sign of this is the climate control not working. 
Everything works great but now, after starting the car 3-4 times since the return from the shop, the climate control lights don't come on when I start the car or thereafter. I thought the whole system was dead but I can hear the fan, can adjust fan speed and utilize the climate control system. Just no lights, temp readout or anything. It looks dead but it isn't. The starter isn't whirring away so I feel better about that. Now the wierd thing is that if I shut off the car and turn the ignition to the point right before starting the car, the lights for the climate control work fine. If I jiggle the key a little I will get fading/brightening of the lights for the climate control. I assume it has something to do w/ the ignition switch being replaced but the shop had no idea what it could be when talking over the phone. I thought maybe someone on the list could shed some light, so to speak, on the subject. 
Thanx in advance,

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