Flexible brake lines

Aaron Rosenstein admin at donotspam.org
Sun Oct 30 00:47:52 EDT 2005

On our 200tq and V8q we had all the lines replaced at 100k, but we had
them custom made at a hose shop that specializes in hydraulic lines for
aircraft and forklifts. They have a booming side business making
hard-to-find and overpriced lines for odd cars. I don't know what Audi
charges, but I'm sure it was more than the $25 a piece I paid for at
this shop, and the hoses were high pressure with rubber coated metal
braid jackets just like the ones on aircraft systems. They also made
some cool looking radiator hoses for our Alfa Romeo that weren't even
available anywhere on this side of the ocean... You think Audi stuff is
expensive and hard to find, try an Italian car...

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