lister spotting (Waltham MA)

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Sep 4 12:47:14 EDT 2005

Okay, I'm pretty sure I know it was a lister as the car looked  
familiar- right around lunchtime, intersection of Center and Moody  
St, right by Queen Cleaners / Watch City Brewpub.  Silver/grey  
200q20v, 3 college stickers on the back window.  Didn't notice (you'd  
think I'd recognize engine noise or something) until I did a U-ie and  
bam, looked up.

Was that you, Paul?  I don't remember what color your car is, but I  
know you're in Waltham quite a bit...

PS:Audi content: the 200q20v could NEVER do the 1-point turn I did in  
the ovloV wagon.  I love ovloV turning circles :-)
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