Fuel Leak

Paul Luevano paul at clarity.net
Sun Sep 4 13:47:18 EDT 2005

	So, my fix seems to be holding.  I discovered a a fuel leak a few weeks
ago.  However, it is summer, so I spend most of my time on 2 wheels, so
there was no rush to fix.  Yesterday I tackled it.

	There are 3 lines running from the tank forward on the passengers side
(why 3?  Feed, return, and?).  One of them, right under the passenger side
B pillar had developed a leak, right in the rubber gommet holding it in
place.  Rather than replace the whole line, I opted to try a cheaper,
easier fix first.

	I ended up pulling the grommet out of the way (It actually just
disintegrated in my hands).  I first plugged the hole with some gas tank
repair epoxy.  I let that sit overnight.  Then, I replaced the grommet
with some 3/8" fuel line I split in half and pushed around the metal fuel
lines.  On the line with the leak, I added 2 hose clamps.

	So far so good!

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