Fuel Leak

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Sep 4 16:21:25 EDT 2005

At 1:45 PM -0400 9/4/05, Paul Luevano wrote:
>	So, my fix seems to be holding.  I discovered a a fuel leak a few weeks
>ago.  However, it is summer, so I spend most of my time on 2 wheels, so
>there was no rush to fix.  Yesterday I tackled it.
>	There are 3 lines running from the tank forward on the passengers side
>(why 3?  Feed, return, and?).

I believe the 3rd line is from the carbon cannister (carries fuel vapor).

>   One of them, right under the passenger side
>B pillar had developed a leak, right in the rubber gommet holding it in
>place.  Rather than replace the whole line, I opted to try a cheaper,
>easier fix first.

I assume your leak was from the outer one of the 3 lines, which is 
the high-pressure feed line.

Our red sedan developed a leak in that same location-- under the 
rubber-- a couple of weeks ago. It was pissing pretty bad--not a 
minor dribble by any means. I was scheduled to attend the Watkins 
Glen II event in a few days time, and was quite preoccupied with 
trying to complete the installation of a new short-shifter assembly 
in our other '91 200q (lago blue sedan to used at the track event). 
Since the red sedan was to be my wife's only transportation while I 
was gone, I opted to have it towed (AAA) to a local shop for the 
repair. The entire fuel line was  a great mass of rust and looked 
about to fall apart all along its length, so I agreed it was best to 
fabricate a full new line. Thanks to lots of penetrating oil and 
prayer, they were able to connect the new line directly to the oem 
fittings at both ends; so no rubber hose and clamps used. Total cost 
with parts and sales tax was $160. Money well spent, IMHO.

Interestingly, the same fuel line on the lago blue sedan (which has 
an add'l 100 kmiles on the odo) looks nearly new by comparison, 
although I suppose it could still spring a leak at any time from 
beneath one of those rubber holders.



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