Good Audi mechanic near Wellesley, MA?

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Mon Sep 5 09:19:47 EDT 2005

On Sep 4, 2005, at 9:58 PM, Paul Luevano wrote:

> I have not used, but have heard good things about Brian's Garage in
> Needham:
Brian and I had something of a run-in; he's one of the few mechanics  
who actually managed to piss me off on the first phone call (and it  
got worse.)  He also has something of a reputation among SCCA people.

1)Shine Racing in Walpole, on the commuter line.  They will take you  
to the commuter line station and pick you up again, just let them  
know if you'll need it.  I've sent numerous listers and club members  
to them, then followed up later- everyone has said good things about  
them.  Eli is usually the guy who answers the phone.  Shine is famous  
for suspension work but they are extremely competent in all things  

2)Central Service in Natick, right near the Natick Outdoor store.   
Owner's name is Dave.  His shop is the opposite side of the street  
from the Natick commuter rail stop.  Dave is extremely competent,  
just not really an Audi wizard (ie he probably wouldn't know, say,  
that a 200q20v stalling coming to a stop off the highway is a blown  
bypass valve).  He's the friendliest, most down-to-earth mechanic  
I've ever had the pleasure of going to.  He also strikes you as the  
type who couldn't lie if his life depended on it.

3)Up north is Klaus Euromotive, which is now managed by former  
200q20v-lister Glen Powell.  Just after the NH line, so a bit of a  
haul for someone in Wellesley.

4)KTR Motorsports in Ayer (I think?) I think a few people go to, but  
they're hideously expensive if I remember correctly.

5)Various in-Boston shops.  The Benz Den, for example, seems to be  
held in very high regard among many listers.

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