Oil Filters

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon Sep 5 23:35:58 EDT 2005

On Sep 5, 2005, at 2:18 PM, Kneale Brownson wrote:

> The filters I got from TPC for our 4000s are different part number/ 
> slightly
> smaller than the ones for the 200q20v.  That's the basis for my  
> statement.
> ETKA also has the 4kq part number as 056 115 561G  and the 200q20v  
> part
> number as 034 115 561A.

Hm.....I've never noticed different filters in all the cross- 
reference books; mobil's filter is something-205.  It is an extremely  
common filter size; lots of other european cars take it.  I wonder if  
Bosch/whoever just has old stock or something.

After reading a page about oil filter designs, I popped in a  
Purolator "Premium" which was recommended based on element size and  
construction.  I also discovered that it is very easily pre-filled  
since the center 'hole' is open all the way down into the element.

Is there a larger filter that'll fit, by the way?  Don't I recall  
something about diesel filters fitting? I could care less if it  
sticks down a little bit further.

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