lower oil pressures with age

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This thread must be good for something, a fill in for post holiday slack, or
a useless sensitivity training exercise!

Inasmuch as engine oil's primary purpose is cooling, low oil pressure means
that the full pump flow volume is flowing thru the bearings and to cylinder
walls rather than a portion being dumped across the relief valve.  Low oil
pressure is good.  No oil pressure is bad!  Idiot lights are good, gauges
can be bad!


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> Subject: lower oil pressures with age
> Anyone else ever noticed oil pressures drop with age?
> I was rather surprised this summer when oil pressures seemed VERY low
> when warm; lower than I remember.  Sometimes below 2 bar at idle, and
> it won't climb up to 4-5 bar until about 2,000 RPMs.  Hasn't improved
> with a new filter and oil.  Used to be that it'd be dead on 2 bar at
> idle when fully warmed up, and the slightest blip of the throttle
> would send the oil pressure up to 5 bar; 1500 rpm was certainly
> sufficient.
> I had been told this is generally a warning sign of worn main
> bearings- extra slop allows more oil to flow there.  However, the
> suddenness/change with oil change leaves me wondering if it isn't a
> change in Mobil 1 oil.
> Anyone?  I've got about 201k on the clock.
> Brett
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