Oil Filters

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 6 20:50:17 EDT 2005

Given the make up of Audi PN's, ie., part of the number relating to the body 
style, the exact same part would have different numbers depending on the 
model you are looking up.  My early NA I 5's took the same filter as the 200 
20V, at least when crossed referenced by non Audi vendor.  My wifes 2000 
Jetta takes the same filter as well.

From: Kneale Brownson <kneale at coslink.net>
Subject: Re: Oil Filters

The filters I got from TPC for our 4000s are different part number/slightly
smaller than the ones for the 200q20v.  That's the basis for my statement.
ETKA also has the 4kq part number as 056 115 561G  and the 200q20v part
number as 034 115 561A.

At 11:06 AM 9/5/2005 -0700, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Since when, Kneale?

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